Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - School of Geology

Postgraduate Program "Applied and Environmental Geology"


Engineering Geology and Environmental Hydrogeology

 Sector: Environmental Hydrogeology



As far as the MSc in Environmental Hydrogeology is concerned students focus on the following subjects:
Collection of hydrological data with field research and recording in special protocols, in situ tests, sampling, laboratory hydrochemical analyses.

  • Inventory of water points (boreholes, springs, wells)
  • Use of thematic maps in field and portable instruments (GPS, multi-parameter instruments)
  • Processing and evaluation of data using conventional and statistical methods
  • Planning and selection of suitable sites for construction of works for the management and development of water resources (artificial recharge projects, dams, reservoirs, etc.)
  • Exploitation of spring-water
  • Identification and exploitation of geothermal fields
  • Site selection of suitable landfill sites and drilling boreholes
  • Study of seawater intrusion phenomena
  • Use of water resources as spa

More gravity is given on specialized software packages that concentrate on:

  • Pumping data evaluation for determining the hydraulic characteristics of aquifers.
  • Processing of hydrochemical data for determining the groundwater quality.
  • Determination of hydrochemical water types, quality characteristics of water samples (classification of groundwater based on hydrochemical types, illustration of hydrochemical diagrams, suitability for potable or irrigation use, etc)
  • Simulation of groundwater flow using special codes.
  • Illustration of thematic maps and performing calculations in GIS environment.
  • Assessment of the groundwater vulnerability to external pollution
  • Groundwater management
  • Assessment of flood risk


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