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Postgraduate Program "Applied and Environmental Geology"

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Applied Geophysics and Seismology

Sector: Applied Geophysics


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Graduates in the specialization of Applied Geophysics acquire experience in all applied Geophysics techniques at advanced level including Seismic methods (reflection, refraction, tomography etc.), potential field methods as well as electrical and electromagnetic method. Further, graduates are trained into the application of geophysical inversion techniques as well as into the application of geophysical techniques into solving geological, environmental and engineering problems. Additionally experience is acquired into applying geophysical techniques into the mining and archeological prospection. Experience is acquired into the actual application of various geophysical techniques through special field training. Field application involves seismic refraction experiments, cross-hole and down-hole measurements in exploration boreholes, electrical prospecting and tomography, Georadar, electromagnetic measurements, as well as magnetic and gravity measurements, measurements of the magnetic properties of natural and man-made materials with applications in geology and archaeology, and in particular, Archaomagnetism and Environmental Magnetism.


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