Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - School of Geology

Postgraduate Program "Applied and Environmental Geology"


Mineral Resources-Environment


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Graduate students acquire skills in the scientific fields of Mineralogy, Ore Deposits and Geochemistry, which are directly related to the environmental protection and management. According to the program of this specialization, the postgraduate students focus on issues regarding Economic Geology and Ore Microscopy, Metallogenesis and its connection with the geotectonic environment, Fossil Fuels, Research and Exploitation of Aggregates and Marbles, Environmental Geochemistry, Methods of Prospecting of Mineral Resources, relationship between Mineral Resources and Environment, Modern application of Industrial Minerals, Design and Restoration of Mines and Quarries. Besides the theoretical courses, the graduate students, additionally gain practical education in: rock and mineral processing (crushing, milling, grinding, heating, magnetic separation, separation by heavy solutions) and in laboratory and analytical methods (microscopy, X-ray Diffractometry, chemical analyses, electron microscopy, microthermometry) and are trained how to prepare Environmental Surveys. Additionally, graduate students practiced in the field, as well as in the management of relevant data by using special software packages.



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